Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30

January 30, 1843 brought a note to Mrs. Martin, Miss Barrett's neighbor from her childhood home of Hope End. There were some happenings to report at Wimpole Street: They had a new painting by Andrea del Sarto over the mantelpiece and some new books and despite it being the middle of a London winter she had not a a fire in the grate for four days! It looks like they were experiencing global warming in 1843.

The following comments reflect an ongoing affection for things American in our British poetess. I think her republican sentiments along with a strong following for her poems in the erstwhile colonies gave her a soft spot for the Yankees.

"Tell me, have you read Mr. Dickens's 'America;' and what is your thought of it like? If I were an American, it would make me rabid, and certain of the free citizens arefurious, I understand, while others 'speak peace and ensue it,' admire as much of the book as deserves any sort of admiration, and attribute the blameable parts to the prejudices of the party with whom the writer 'fell in,' and not to a want of honesty or brotherhood in his own intentions. I admire Mr. Dickens as an imaginative writer, and I love the Americans—I cannot possibly admire or love this book."

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  1. She doesn't mind speaking her mind. Doesn't like the book and says so. Loves Americans though.