Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 25 Kinda...

Well, there are no specific letters dated January 25th that I can spot, but there is an interesting letter dated simply 'January 1845' that was written by Miss Barrett to Mrs. Martin. She mentions that she is now corresponding with Mr. Browning who she calls 'poet and mystic.'
More interesting are her comments on Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation . Published, according to the ever handy Wiki, in 1844, the book was recommended to her by Mrs. Jameson. Yet, Miss Barrett, who was normally on the cutting edge in her reading did not seem eager. She said it sounded "one of the most melancholy books in the world". Well, she was probably right. Although Wiki says that Albert read is aloud to Victoria. Oh dear. "A little light reading tonight your Majesty?" Yeah. Me neither. The things women do for love.

To read some more letter from Miss Barrett, click here.

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