Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 28

Browning responds immediately to Miss Barrett's dog tale:

"--And did you think to warn me out of the Flush-simile by the hint of Amine's privilege which it would warrant? If the "ever so much whipping" should please you!...And beside it was, if I recollect, for the creature's good, those poor imprisoned sisters, all the time. Moreover, I was "born" all this and more, that you will know, at least--and only walked glorious & erect on two legs till dear Siren; an old friend of, and deep in the secrets of Circe,--sprinkled the waters..."

And he is pleased to hear of the visit by Mrs. Jameson:

"I am glad you like Mrs. Jameson--do I not like her all the better, much the better! But it is fortunate I shall not see her by any chance just now--she would be sure to begin and tell me about you--and if my hands did not turn cold, my ear tips would assuredly turn red."

The English race's curse: The blush.

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